At VEMP Studios, we emphasize ensuring that our main token, $VEMP, has a robust and economically sound tokenomics model. This is essential to mitigate potential risks and ensure the long-term sustainability of our project. We have carefully designed our tokenomics to be among the best in the industry.

The total maximum supply of $VEMP is fixed at 810,720,000 tokens. Out of this supply, only 22% is allocated to the team, advisors, and private investors, while over 78% is allocated to the VEMP Studios community. This distribution ensures that our community members own the majority of $VEMP tokens.

Our monetary policy is deflationary, a crucial aspect of our tokenomics. This means that the supply of $VEMP will decrease over time, as no new tokens can ever be minted into existence. To support this deflationary system, we have implemented dynamics such as token buy-backs and burns within our games involving $VEMP. As we launch more games, these mechanisms will contribute to a decrease in the token supply, benefiting the growth of our gaming ecosystem.

In terms of private fundraising, we have prioritized community control. We accepted investment from select Venture Capital firms willing to match the public token launch price of 125,000 $VEMP per ETH, equating to $0.027 at launch. This approach ensures that there is no inequitable selling pressure from private investors.

For the private fundraising round, we sold only 1.8% of the total token supply to Venture Capital firms, with a linear vesting period of 6-18 months. As of Q2 in 2023, all private investors have completed their vesting period and have either redeemed their $VEMP or continue to hold, demonstrating their belief in the value of our project.

Furthermore, we have allocated an additional 5,000,000 tokens to early backers of the project, which are vested over 5 years. Additionally, 1.9% of the total supply has been allocated to advisors, with a vesting period of 24 months, of which 18 months have already passed.

These token allocation and vesting mechanisms ensure that our token distribution remains fair, with a strong focus on community involvement and long-term value appreciation.

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