Our Infrastructure

By establishing a robust infrastructure comprising the Financing Application, VEMP Games Launcher, and VEMP Marketplace, we provide users with a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates participation, simplifies game access, and enhances the overall gaming experience within the VEMP Studios ecosystem.

Financing Application

The VEMP Studios financing application is a core component of our ecosystem, allowing users to directly contribute to creating on-chain games while generating yield themselves. Users deposit native L1 coins into our staking strategies, which are pooled together to fund the development and launch of blockchain-based games. This lowers the barrier to entry for individuals to participate in game development and funding which accelerates crypto adoption. It plays a crucial role in circulating value within our ecosystem and ensuring our sustainability as a business.

VEMP Games Launcher

The VEMP Games Launcher is a centralized hub for all the games developed, invested in, and partnered with by VEMP Studios. Our goal is to provide users with a seamless experience, enabling them to access high-quality Web3 games without needing multiple platforms. The launcher simplifies the user experience and aligns with our mission of lowering barriers, promoting inclusivity, and creating a composable ecosystem. By centralizing game discovery and access, we enhance user convenience and facilitate the mainstream adoption of on-chain gaming.

VEMP Marketplace

The VEMP Marketplace is the primary platform for purchasing in-game assets associated with VEMP Games. We recognize the importance of having a dedicated marketplace within our ecosystem, as it streamlines the user experience and enhances user engagement. Consolidating all in-game asset transactions within a single marketplace eliminates friction and improves retention. Our focus on simplicity and reducing user friction drives the development of the VEMP Marketplace, allowing gamers to easily access and trade assets while enjoying a seamless gaming experience.

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