Our Values

VEMP is centered around three main goals; lowering the barrier to entry, inclusivity, and composability. Throughout VEMP’s existence, these three goals are at the forefront of all our decisions and the overarching direction we are headed towards.

Lowering the Barrier to Entry

We believe in making blockchain gaming and Web3 technology accessible to all. Through our financing platform, anyone can contribute to developing promising blockchain games. We prioritize simplicity and intuitive user experiences to ensure that even non-Web3 natives can easily engage with our applications.

Inclusivity and Monetization

Our ecosystem is built on inclusivity, allowing everyone to enjoy our games and monetize their experiences. Our Guilds connect players with like-minded communities, enabling them to utilize VEMP assets to enhance their gaming and earning opportunities.


We enable users to do more with their in-game assets through composability. Our redeemability feature allows users to retrieve the value they create in a game and use it across multiple games. The $VEMP token is a versatile utility, enabling wagering, in-game purchases, asset trading, and yield earning.

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