Getting Started With $VEMP

Currently, $VEMP is available on the following networks.

  • Ethereum Mainnet (ERC)

  • BNB Chain (BSC)

  • Fantom (FTM)

To download a Metamask wallet:

  • Go to the Metamask website and click Download.

  • Follow the instructions and set up your Metamask wallet. It should now appear as a browser extension on your desktop or an app on your mobile device.

To add $VEMP support to your Metamask wallet:

  • On your Metamask wallet, under Assets, click "Import Tokens."

  • Click on Custom Token and paste the relevant contract address (which can be found below).

  • Click Next.

  • Click Add Token.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you input the correct contract address to the network your wallet is connected to (Ethereum, BNB, or Fantom).

$VEMP Contract Addresses

ERC Address: 0xcFEB09C3c5F0f78aD72166D55f9e6E9A60e96eEC (Trade on Uniswap)

BNB Address: 0xedf3ce4dd6725650a8e9398e5c6398d061fa7955 (Trade on PancakeSwap)

FTM Address: 0x526f1DC408cFe7FC5330aB9f1e78474ceFF2a5dD (Trade on SpookySwap)

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